Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When I can't take the pain away

Loss of any kind can leave a mark on our souls.

Losing a valuable possession can leave us feeling unorganized.

Losing a game can leave us feeling less than capable.

Losing a loved one can leave us feeling empty.

How do we overcome these feelings in an imperfect world that can sometimes seemed marred by loss? What is step 2?

God's Word warns us of being controlled by feelings. His Word tells us that the heart is deceitful above ALL things (Jeremiah 17:9), but the world tells us to follow our hearts. Following our feelings leads to confusion. God is not the author of confusion, but rather the Giver of freedom. If I choose to live by FAITH instead of feelings, I live in freedom from the losses of this world...

Our family suffered a great loss this week. A woman strong in faith, never offering judgement upon others, but the subject of other's judgement her whole life. She was called many things, but the most treasured was the title of Grandma. My children have suffered hurt this week, as have many others I love. This kind of hurt cuts deep and often leaves scars. We can fall into a cloud of desensitized existence and simply go through the motions. Losses such as this are often left unexplained to those left behind.

In order to truly live by faith and not by feelings, the question that must be asked is "WHAT?". We are quick to ask "why?" and often "how?", but do we really slow down and tune in to the what? What is God's plan through this? What is my part to play? What does my faith lead me to do?

Psalms reminds us that God has numbered our days before we were ever even conceived. He set us upon this Earth for a God given purpose, ordained of Him and only for us. So, why are we not let in on His plans? It is my firm belief that is He told us everything we truly would not be able to handle it. He grows us into our calling through life circumstances to grow our faith. I was unclear of His reasoning for taking my mom so young until nearly 15 years later when I was able to help others grieving from the loss of their own mothers. When we suffer a deep loss we simply need to know that life, though we may not want it to, does go on. Besides, if God told us His plans, can we honestly say that we would not try to change them for our own selfish reasons?

So, as we approach a celebration of life, I hope that if you have suffered a loss of any kind that the fog will begin to clear and you can see the bigger picture. The "what" becomes the purpose you are here for right now. We can choose to try to change the unchangeable and fight through the turmoil, or we can give our burdened hearts to God, allowing the Creator of all to wash us clean once more. Just as my mother washed my scraped knees and kissed my boo-boos, my Heavenly Father so desires that I bring my pain to Him and lay it down at His willing feet.

Whatever the loss and whatever the situation you face today, there is a single truth to hold on to: You are not alone. Your Father longs to wipe your tears and restore your joy.

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