Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Silence is Deadly....

There is a question that I receive quite a bit when on speaking engagements or leading Bible studies:
"How do I know my calling?"

Why do I get asked this so much? Possibly because I am very open about my calling. If you get nothing else from this post, get this: You will only know your calling for sure if you are in God's Word daily. No excuses, no shortcuts.

So, what is a calling? Well, to me it is the undying passion for justice and equality that God has placed in my heart. I fight for the human rights of women and children. I shed light on extremely dark subjects and I seek the Lord's justice in these places of darkness. I have been called to serve in the field of human trafficking, exploitation and modern day slavery.

My calling does not come with a pretty title, nor does it garner a lot of sympathetic looks. Why? It's uncomfortable to say the least. When I begin to bring the subject up, walls go up quicker than your window at the end of the drive through line! We simply don't want to talk about it.... That, friends is a shame, and a sin.

We are called to be a light unto this world. If our salt loses it's saltiness, what on earth are we good for? My Bible says nothing (Matthew 5:13). What would that feel like to make it to Heaven only to be told by God Himself that you didn't fulfill your calling? I shudder to think, and that is why I am bold when I speak.

You see, there was a time in the United States when the senseless killing of unborn babies was abhorring. Christians became silent when talks of passing a bill to legalize abortion began to circulate. You see, the topic was off colored and not comfortable...and where did that get us? To date, there are 3562 abortions per DAY. Why? Because the topic was a little too uncomfortable for us...

You see, many Christians prefer to toe the line of uncomfortable topics sticking to things such as telling lies, stealing, your preferred workout regimen, smoking, drinking, pre-marital sex, unwed parents and the ever so occasional talk about gluttony if it applies. These are straight judgements handed down from the original Law. It's odd when I read and hear these all the time because I think of another group who judged based on the law....the same group that called for the death of Jesus because He made them uncomfortable.

Current day slavery is alive and well and is a multi-billion dollar business. Currently, over 27 million people worldwide are enslaved. Americans who know their history better believe that Abraham Lincoln would roll over in his grace. This far exceeds the number of slaves during his time in office. Of these 27 million, approximately 80% are women. What we must realize is that human trafficking and enslavement has changed. It is no longer something that only happens's in your back yard! 17,500 people are trafficked to the United States annually. The cashier at your local dollar store, the fore lorn looking girl sweeping the local bar....statistically these could be slaves.

The human trafficking industry makes over 32 BILLION dollars per year. It works as an underground industry and yields more profit than Google. Why is it underground? Because we are unwilling to get our hands dirty and dig it up.

In the country of Moldova, more than 100,000 people are victims of human trafficking. Young children are sold to their neighbors for beer and cigarettes and over 30,000 women have gone missing without a trace. In Ethiopia there exists a road of 1 mile that is lines with young women and girls as young at 8 years old who are forced to sell their bodies for as little as 50 cents! HIV, Aids, STDs, and many diseases run rampant in these areas. Why? Because human life has no value! It has no value to traffickers and if we simply turn a blind eye and keep quiet it has no value to us either. And that is something we will have to answer for...

With all of this information, what can one do? YOU can change the world! Be a voice in the dark places. I'm not asking you to pack up and move to another country (though if that is your calling, I suggest you not put it off ANY longer). Share the story of these who have no way of crying for help. Let the world know that we will NOT remain silent! I could care less if you run, fight or do yoga for fitness people! I am more interested in where your heart lies. Open your eyes to what is truly plaguing this nation, this culture and our world. Shed light into the darkest places and raise your voice for those who have no voice to raise.

We have all been called. The question is, are you willing to accept your call?


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