Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beauty School

If you spend much time around my home and personal space, you will likely realize that I am a self professed beauty buff. In fact, there aren't many problems I can't find solace in with the right tube of red lipstick. I also believe EVERYBODY can wear red lipstick. If you think you can't, you simply haven't found the right formula and undertone yet :) OH, but I digress...

In light of my fascination with the beauty and fashion industries, I have recently begun to ponder on what truly makes us beautiful. Is it shiny hair and thin thighs that please 100% of eyes? Is it a curvy figure or perfectly straight teeth? Could it be impeccable posture and well groomed brows? Is there such a things as perfect beauty? Beauty that pleases everyone?

In my line of work I have been able to train and coach some very beautiful women. I have trained figure competitors with little to no body fat....and they think that they are a failure if they give in to a late night craving for 99% fat free frozen yogurt. I have worked with full time mothers who would give any model a run for her money...but they think they will only be happy once they lose the last 10 pounds. Beauty is a funny thing isn't it?

When we are concerned for our own appearance it can feel as though our world is closing in on us. It's likely that our world is getting smaller since we can only look at ourselves. I'm not talking about basic regard for hygiene and personal appearance here. I'm talking about dissecting ourselves to nothing and holding ourselves to a standard that is unreasonable.

I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade now. I started off simply wanted to lose weight, but it snowballed from there. I found myself obsessing about every perceived flaw. The more weight I lost, the more insecure I became. Chains that bound me to a boring life of self involvement were wrenched tighter with each and every milestone in fitness and business. I was miserable until I found something far better to look at...those around me.

Beauty: one who brings light and hope to the world around her. A true beauty is one who cares how her appearance may affect others and always seeks to shed a positive light about her. Beauty speaks when needed and listens more often than not. Beauty holds to her convictions and isn't afraid of being uncomfortable for the greater good. Beauty beholds others instead of others always being asked to behold her. Beauty has soft lips from smiling, a slender jawline from uttered prayers for friends, strong shoulders to help bear anther's burdens, and lean legs from walking the road that others fear to travel.

I believe this can become the new definition of beauty in our lives. A life deemed beautiful by living the call of One far more amazing than I. A life willing to take it all and give even more every day.

Make yourself beautiful today :)

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