Tuesday, June 11, 2013

That's not my job.....

My children have had chores for as long as they've been able to "do" things. My husband and I have always viewed chores as a great way to teach children responsibility. We work on a commission system as opposed to just allowance. That means if you don't do your work, you don't get the green...just like real life :)

Recently, due to the fact that I had grown weary of the constant need for reminding, I tried taking assigned chores away. I simply put up chores, attached a dollar amount per chore, and let them battle it out. It must be said that my children are 14 and 11 years old, so we're out of the toddler years. Anyways, this worked like a dream.....for about a week. Past that point I was up to my ears in undone chores and children whose social calenders were far too full for jobs. The majority of my day was spent picking up the slack.

I try to be a level headed mom whenever I can, so I sat my kids down and asked what the problem was.

"why is nobody sorting the laundry?"
"That's HIS job."

"Why is the dishwasher not empty?"

"That's HER job."

And so on and so forth the conversation went until my level head wanted to fall clean off my body. What about making more money? What about the freedom to get your chores done and then go about life without having to worry about the wrath of mom? What about responsibility? None of this hit home and we reverted back to assigned chores from then on....

The entire situation made me think more about how we react in life as well. Even in our adult years, we tend to just think that so much is somebody else's job.

"I would give to that cause, but somebody with more money is better suited to give."

"I would volunteer to help, but I simply can't find the time and somebody with grown kids would do a better job."

"I would take food to my neighbor, but my cooking isn't as good as hers."

"I would follow the call to lead a Bible study, but I don't know as much about the Bible as so and so."

"I would go on that mission trip.....BUT I don't have the time, money, support, time, money, money, money, or money..."

Are you getting the picture here?

In Mark 12, Jesus talks about the widows offering stating that "this widow has put more into the treasury than anyone else..".

We are all called to GIVE. We are all called to live outside of where we feel comfortable. We are all called to teach others, help others, give to others, and develop relationships with others. Jesus did not hang a chore chart and say YOU were called to help, but others may stay. We all have the work to do, the question is, are we willing to do the job?

Through my walk I have come to the realization of one thing: IF you are living comfortably  (not by means really, but without anything pressing on you) then you may want to re-evaluate your own walk with God. Why would I say such an audacious statement? Because we are promised pain and suffering here on Earth (please, I'm not telling you to cause your own pain and suffering and then go wail about it....we're not the Kardashians people), but we are also promised the hope of our Father. We reach this hope by first believing in Who Jesus IS and then by sharing this with others, far and wide.

Perhaps you really cannot go on a mission trip (I can assume you are bed ridden or in solitary confinement), but you CAN have a part in missions. You can, of course, give to missions. Honestly, all missions need money and I am no exception. I adore those who can give financial gifts either big or small, but I also think we forget other ways we can be even more involved in spreading the gospel and hope. Consider sponsorship of an orphan in a foreign country (or your own!). Maybe you can volunteer at a local mission. Yes, there is such a thing. A great place to start is your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen. A couple hours of your time may just change your life. Speak to your church about missions if they are not already involved. Many churches band together to provide for orphanages and safe houses world wide. Also, never forget the importance of PRAYER. Pray for missionaries. Pray for those who work in the lonely spaces, away from family and friends because they followed their belief in the Holy Word and became the hands and feet of Christ. Pray for short-term missionaries who sacrifice time and money to tell the story of those in need. Pray for those not yet reached. Finally, pray for all to heed the call to the work that belongs to all of us in some form.

The world will never be perfect, but the state of the world can be changed one heart at a time.

In Peace,

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