Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Verse Writing Challenge Day 21, Luke 1:50-56

Luke 1:50-56New Life Version (NLV)
50 The loving-kindness of the Lord is given to the people of all times who honor Him. 51 He has done powerful works with His arm. He has divided from each other those who have pride in their hearts. 52 He has taken rulers down from their thrones. He has put those who are in a place that is not important to a place that is important. 53 He has filled those who are hungry with good things. He has sent the rich people away with nothing. 54 He has helped Israel His servant. This was done to remember His loving-kindness. 55 He promised He would do this to our early fathers and to Abraham and to his family forever.” 56 Mary stayed with Elizabeth about three months. Then she went to her own home.

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