Thursday, January 7, 2016

First comes the struggle...

“Dispute not with her: she is lunatic.”
William Shakespeare, Richard III
Hello Lovelies,
Nearing the close of the first week of a brand new year can bring loads of different thoughts and emotions for us gals. Am I the only one feeling inadequate so far? Let me explain...
This explanation will actually time hop a bit to roughly 4 years ago (don't worry, the post won't be that long). I felt "the Call" to be a speaker and writer. May I be frank for a moment? I am far better at speaking than writing. In light of that, writing is where I need to be for the moment. To say God works in mysterious ways is a severe understatement.
So, with that call I did....nothing. Well, nothing much at any rate. I came up with a book proposal (of my own design), signed up for a writers conference, and subjected myself to the judgment of editors, publishers and agents. I left with the assurance that while I could technically write, there was just not a need for what I was talking about. That is a key point here ladies (and any gents too). I CAN write......
I'll fast forward for you now. This year I decided it was time I give up the fight, lay down my weapons and start following Christ the way I was called. I have learned some valuable lessons in life and vowed not to be distracted by the pretty little things. I don't know about you, but I do get distracted easily. In fact, I have found that I will seek out distraction in order to forgo what I should be doing. I it just me? Doubtful.....
Distractions and feelings of inadequacy have hit hard this week. A business plan I had in place COMPLETELY fell through and took with it the money I had already started to count. I was contacted by a super swanky gym (like one that serves water in wine glasses people) about a position. Um, temptation much anybody? The drama button is turned up high in the workforce and if I am truly honest with you then I can tell you that my passion for fitness and food (both of which how I make money) has bottomed out and nearly flat lined as of today. Do I feel inadequate? Oh yes.
Perhaps you have been where I am today. Maybe you are right here with me. If so, please feel free to speak up. It's not a fun place to be. I second guess the entire WHY as to my existence here and that is a whole problem I shouldn't even give breath to. Am I crazy? Absolutely. I find that I have yet to meet a completely sane woman. Please, don't feel judged. And men, if you can't understand us, imagine how we feel not able to decipher our own codes!
I think as women we believe our suffering ends at childbirth and the need for our husband (Genesis 3:16). Oh child, it goes beyond that. We as women walk the earth full of more than the human body should have to bear, child or no. Often times I hear women referred to as wearing many hats, meaning we are involved in many roles in life. As our world grows, our roles seem to multiply. At the root of it all we are like any other human...we simply want our lives to matter. We want to leave some footprints on the face of the earth. We want to make a dent and yet we can't get enough momentum to make it happen.
And why?
Friends, it is my belief that the answer to the why is found in the common enemy we all share. I believe God designed women to be awesome (I'm sure that's in the Bible somewhere in that exact wording). I believe if we as women would sit up straight and do what we are supposed to do then the world would be VASTLY different. I believe beyond the shadow of a doubt that we as women can change the very fabric of the world. So why don't we? It seems to me as though women are under Satan's thumb, right where he wants us to be. Wiggling, but not moving. Constantly taking 2 steps forward to be knocked down 2 flights. Do you know I have NEVER met a woman who is completely content in who and where she is in that very moment? This is daunting for me to think of as I am a mom to a 14 year old young woman.
Here's the beauty though...I believe we can change.
2 Corinthians 5:17
This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!
Are you longing for something new? Is your desire to be able to live fully in your calling, never second guessing or feeling confused? Do you feel as though you are being defeated at times? Do you want to change how we interact and ultimately change the world? Do you believe that can happen?
As we journey through scripture together, studying the women of the Bible and how they were used in powerful ways, I hope your eyes will begin to see that you have a divine purpose. You are here for a reason! And when we begin to doubt our own ability, we can rely on Jesus and His ability through us. Are you ready to become something new?