Saturday, July 6, 2013

All the Pretty Girls

Today, I embark on a mission to Ethiopia. The first mission trip for my son, the second in 6 months for me. I'm feeling quite fortunate that my 14 year old not only has a heart for fulfilling the Great Commission, but also that he is pumped about his mom going with him :)

This week has been one of some quiet reflection as well...a must before any trip in my opinion. I was able to think about my own family, the families of those I love and the families of those I have met along the way. My heart cries out for the girls in our world. These are the ones I blanket in prayer each morning and spread hope over every night. What kind of legacy am I leaving for these girls? Will the world change for my daughter?

These thoughts are what drive me out of bed every day. They are the questions that beg to be answered as my fingers fervently peck at the keyboard. Am I doing enough?

Take a quick inventory of your own self and then allow it to ripple out, as though a small pebble was dropped into the pond of your soul. Women need help. This is certainly not to say men don't. I am a woman and that is where God has placed my calling :). We live in a world where women struggle in and out, ever day. This is a world of "never enough". I can't be thin enough, curvy enough, disciplined enough, smart enough, pretty enough, rich enough, humble enough, courageous enough, daring enough, busy enough, involved enough, friendly enough, stylish enough, educated enough, or loved enough.....and to that I say, Enough is Enough.

I believe that the younger generation of girls can change the world for the better, but only if the opportunity arises. Women, in general, have become a sex of great challenge. We would do more...but only after our children are older. We would strive for change, but only when we feel we are ready. We would stand up to injustice, but only after we lose the last ten pounds. We succumb to the fear inside that has been breeding for generations.

So, how do we break this cycle? It's a difficult task, no doubt. Women seem to be born self conscious. My daughter home schools due to the behaviour of other young ladies, poured out in vehement hatred during elementary school. Unfortunately, the elders of our sex still compare, judge and form beliefs based on nothing. We are taught to seek out our worth rather than accepting it. If you are a child of God, you have great worth...enough to die for, in your Father's eyes.

I think it's time women took a stand! Those of us who have battled the monsters of anxiety, depression, poor self worth and low self esteem, need to face our demons and put in the work for future generations. They are worth the work! If we choose to simply exist as everyone else does, we are telling the younger generation that they aren't worth us changing a single this sews the seeds of unworthiness and opens the doors to chaos and decay. Be willing to do the work.

Everything that has come about in life helps to grow us. We are placed here to grow into fully functioning, awesome-life-living, breathing, passionate women of God's army, yet too many sit in the barracks waiting....and  they don't even know what for. Our bounties are rich in His kingdom, yet we live like slaves to fear and confusion. I issue a call to my fellow sisters to break the bonds, turn to look your perceived weaknesses straight in the eye and push through to the life YOU HAVE BEEN PROMISED. Only then can our future generations truly see the power of the cross. Either you live like you believe it, or you admit you aren't living at all....


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