Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th! Liberty, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL

I saw a post yesterday that said, "The 4th of July: a time to thank our ancestors for killing enough British that we can enjoy an extra day off work and cheap hot dogs."

Not to belittle celebrations of our freedom, but it seems as though we celebrate more than we initiate here. I look around and see lives full of monotony, mundane and excuses. Lavish celebration gives the illusion of freedom. Is that an extraordinary life though?

I believe there are many of us here who think our freedoms are a gift. While it would be correct that we were placed in this great country by a giving God, our inherent freedoms have been bought with a price. And while we claim to acknowledge that, we also seem blind to the fact that we are allowing those freedoms to slowly slip, under our foggy vision. If freedom is what we all seek, we do we not fight for it? Why consistently rely on those who face battle and not use our own tongues?

Standing up can be an increasingly hard thing to do, especially when you are always told to sit and wait. Be patient. Don't ask questions. Questions are needed right now. For instance: if everything is handed to you, is that freedom? If you are born into poverty, are you buried there as well? Does your hope lie in a single person, or the Creator of all persons?

Our freedom to live mundane lives has brought our creative thoughts to a halt. Now, I totally get that life is busy. I mean, the pursuit of happiness requires busyness right? Only if your happiness is tied up in something that will never breed happiness. The busyness is palpable. We would love to help, but maybe when life "slows down". Let me shed some light on that thought: when life "slows down" you'll be dead and completely useless to helping anybody. Start now. While some will admit to wanting to make a difference, most are scared of what will be required of them. If I am called to help the poor, what will I have to give up? The big questions that we try to silence with celebration will always linger until they are allowed an answer.

So, my biggest question to you is this: what will you do with your freedom this year? Will you give more of yourself to those less fortunate? We have opportunity here that exists nowhere else, but I encourage you not to take it for granted! You don't have to have a college degree to make millions. You can run a business AND be a woman....many women I talk to take the simple fact that women have rights for granted DAILY. If you have the creativity, the passion and the drive, YOU can accomplish anything in this nation. Is it easy? Of course not! That's where we have failed for years. We started thinking everything should be handed to us just because we grace the face of this nation. If that is your thought process, you couldn't be more wrong...and you could possibly be causing the downfall of this nation.

Stand up. Take charge of what is is swirling around your heart and head. You know, it's that sweet spot of your passion, your intellect and your talents colliding that make up your calling. If we settle for ordinary and mundane, living paycheck to paycheck just to fit the bill....we are missing the greatness we have been called to. Extraordinary lives aren't set aside for a select group of people. Living an extraordinary life doesn't require a large bank account or a college degree's a simple willingness to stop being so complacent in our freedom.


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