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The Tale: Igor's Story of His Home

As many of you know, I have a love for Moldova that most cannot understand...unless you break away from your  life and go there. Today, I have special post from my sweet friend Igor, a young man I met while in Chisinau. So sit back and relax while you open your mind to others....

-          Umm..? Moldova? Is it somewhere around Africa?

-          Oh, it’s a state in India!

-          Does this country even exist?

From dialogues.


Situated in the east part of Europe, looking like a wine grape shape on a map, as a symbol of great wine and great and sincerely people this beautiful little paradise is being called Republic of Moldova. A beautiful country bordered by famous rivers Dniester and Prut.

 Before I begin my tale, let me represent myself in a few words.

My name is Igor, I’m 19 year old freshman in Economical Academy of Republic of Moldova. Passionate by all kind of sports, like kickboxing, skiing, swimming, the true fan of Pink Floyd, AC/DC, The Rolling  and other great rock bands and finally, I’m an Entrepreneur truly believing in economic potential of his country.

And this tale is about my view on country, that I live in.

If you ask me to pick out things that describe Moldova from the best side, I guess I would say the following words: people, nature, traditions.

Chisinau isn’t that big city, so we can often meet our friends or other people we know on the streets without scheduling the meeting. Actually, that makes us work and live cohesively and help each other. This thing makes living in Chisinau cozy. You may know that Moldova is a merge of paints of different cultures, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian and others. This makes rich cultural gamut with a large variety of customs and traditions.

If you have an inquiring mind like I do – you may find very interesting talking to random person from the street or any other place you can actually find this person. Know why? People form the country. That’s it.

If you know people, understand their state of minds, feel the feelings they do feel, know their intentions, no, if you really do all of these, only then, you may say, that you understood the pure spirit of this country.

So, don’t hesitate to talk to a random person you find on the streets in Chisinau, cause there are a lot of people that speak English fluently. This is a great possibility to create some friends to spend time with in the city.

Chisinau is considered as the greenest city in Europe. Want some clue? This is the view from my home, for example.


I love nature, I really do. When I get tired or exhausted – I go to forest, hug the trees, look like a fool, but feel better. Much better. Meditating in the middle of the nature calms me and gives me a lot of energy. I also do enjoy very much running through the forest near my house. You disengage yourself from all the cares and thoughts. Hour or two feels fine for me.

That’s the Wisdom, calmness and power of Moldavian nature.




Modern culture is deeply rooted in folk art, drew inspiration from this inexhaustible treasure, creating a large amount of material and spiritual values, and becoming significant part of world culture.

Moldavian wedding proves it. It’s probably one of the most colorful and full of activities wedding tradition, also famous by our national dance – hora, the dance that reflects the softness and the strength of our nation at the same time.


Chisinau is “relaxed city”. Any megalopolis citizen that visited Moldova would confirm it.

Our constitution is considered as most friendly for citizens in Europe, but it’s not always followed as it should be.

People who stay beyond government mostly try to get the benefits from this constitution for themselves instead of following it and improving it.

Well, the control of the country is money laundering. Somewhere more, somewhere less, you know. No comment.

Cause of political instability we have bad relationships with other countries. Also cause of that, the future is hardly predictable. It may change in any given moment.

Many people from Moldova go abroad for working. Mostly for Italy, Russia, Spain. Not the best jobs they do work there, mostly working as housemaids or other not so respectable jobs. I do not believe this is a good idea, the idea to escape.

I won’t. Call me crazy, but I truly believe in economic, cultural and overall potential of Moldova.

Yes, Moldova isn’t that developed and modern country so the market is empty, so that’s why I believe that it’s better to remain living here and creating working space and places to contribute in developing the country.

And I understand that the future of my country is in the youth hands.

If everyone goes abroad – no chances to stand up, if we rock here – there are.

It’s all about personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility is the thing that makes a person an identity, a real man, the thing, that transforms people in a society, the thing that transforms the society in a nation, a country.

The more people understand this simple fact – the more chances we do have to stand up and show off.

The provided education in Moldova is at the normal level, but many students don’t even try to reach this level. It’s much easier to pay to pass the exams to get diploma, sadly.

But if you study – you are able to reach this level. And if you develop yourself as a specialist, mainly reading professional literature, completing special trainings you can reach the “good” level. Then you have to find a job and continue to self-developing and work hard to achieve the excellent level.

While exterior universities provide education at excellent level in comparison with Moldavian and give you all the possibilities and help you to achieve the professional level.

After like 5 years of practicing you can achieve the level of highly qualified professional, and… unfortunately to not be that valued.

So education in Moldova isn’t a good base to jump of in professional environment. That’s why students that strike to heights prefer to study abroad.

That’s why highly qualified professionals from Moldova are strong men. It’s twice harder to achieve this level here.

And finally I’ll tell you why it isn’t that bad in Moldova.

Firstly, all the things that are possible in Europe and in the U.S., are also allowed in Moldova.

Secondly, Europe, U.S. does not have the half of freedom that we do have. There is no pressure of public opinion, there is no dictatorship of social norms, there’s no prejudgment about your skin color or religion. After all, here you will never get a period of 10,000 years. And yet here you are not forced to be who you want to be.

Here you are truly free to be yourself. You believe in macaroni god? Cool, why not? You don’t? Well, whatever. You can go to the army and return superman, but you can avoid it and be proud of it. You can have three higher education diplomas and to work as a janitor and you can hardly finalize 8 forms of primary school and own a successful business.

Moldova - a country of true liberty, freedom, even freedom of logic. You can be a liberal with fascist views, you can go to rallies against the government and vote for the president, you can be a communist and believe in God, you can even be a national socialist yelling about the racial theory, and thus be a mixture of Mongol-Turkic-German- Armenian blood. And no one will tell you a word.

The only thing that Moldova does not forgive - is weakness. Weaklings do not survive here and run away, so Moldova is a country of strong men. Strong man is free here, and all the roads are opened to him. A wimp and a rag here, as elsewhere, will take place at the very bottom of the food chain.

That’s it.




 Igor Corovai

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