Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm Heading Back to Moldova!

Hello everybody!

I'm super excited to let you know that I am heading back to Moldova this Spring. For those that don't know, my very first trip to Moldova in January of 2013 is what sparked all of this awesomeness in life :)

So, today I'm happy to report that in 2 short months I'll be boarding a plane to one of my favorite places. It seems fitting to come to the final arrangements today. You see, I can't help but notice all of the red X's gracing peoples hands and cover photos. These X's are a sign that we will no longer be quiet about human slavery and trafficking. Now, if you're quite sensitive you may want to move on now....

Let me make one thing painfully clear: the red X's stand for something. They mean something more than just plastering them on your Facebook page. These X's mean that YOU are ready and willing to stand and fight, that you will give and commit to making a change. So the question then is are you truly ready to accept the hidden terms behind that X?

Far too many people are quick to jump on the "show my support" train in the age of the internet. We feel as though we get brownie points for voicing the concern the entire world is looking at THAT day. The thing is, have you really seen trafficking? Granted, you probably have and not even known it. The girl working the check out counter who won't meet your gaze? She could be a victim. The young man trying to clean your windshield may be a victim. Trafficking is rampant, but it is only as rampant as we are quiet.

So, have you experienced it? Have you looked into the eyes of a young girl who has believed her whole life that she is only worth what people pay for her? Have you held the hand of a teenager dying of AIDS transferred to her by a nameless John? Have you hugged the neck of girls that feel they have been far too "damaged" to ever live a normal life? I have been blessed beyond all measure to do things and I intend to keep reaching out and speaking out on their behalf.

In response to the Red X I would like to issue a challenge to YOU: look at the X on your hand (or profile picture) and envision the 27 million people it stands for....what will you DO? Will you go and see? Will you give without reserve? Will you commit to change? The trafficking industry isn't scared of the X on your hand...they are scared of the passion in your heart.

If you really want to help, go HERE and give these girls a second chance to discover who they were made to be; more than what they have ever been told before.

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