Monday, June 15, 2015

A New Vision

Well, it has been quite some time since I have posted on here :-) My apologies.
I think there are times in life when we give in to the distractions and allow ourselves to take another is the journey down these roads which can teach us the most.

Three years ago the Lord blessed me with part of a vision for a ministry. This ministry would cover things that are often left uncovered in our Christian world and yet, the world we live in covers them all the time. It felt as though the time was coming when women could find the truth to topics such as:
  • marriage and relationships
  • body image
  • weight loss
  • fitness
  • nutrition
  • raising children
  • beauty
  • fashion
  • friendship
  • and even the fun things like skincare, chick flicks and how to deal with raising teenage daughters
After a hiatus to live out other dreams placed in my heart, I have come back to Beauty Mark Ministries with a fresh vision and a new hope. I know that awesome things will begin to take place under the wing God has created for this ministry to grow. I am certainly looking forward to the next few months as opportunities present themselves and the curtain is pulled back to reveal even more of this bigger vision.

Would you join me on this journey?

I assure you, it won't be a boring ride ;)

If you find yourself ready for a refreshing in your life and if you long to live with unmatched passion, then I encourage you to keep coming back....God has a whole lot in store here.

I'll see you soon,

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