Saturday, August 11, 2012

So many wonderful things!

Welcome to Beauty Mark!

So many awesome things are happening in ministry right now and I wanted to share a bit with you.

  1. We now have a Vimeo channel that will host all things Beauty Mark! You'll get videos on the little things, like beauty products, reviews, and even home remedies PLUS you'll get video Bible studies that will walk you through the process of understanding God's promises for your life.
  2. I have partnered with Hope Chest Ministries ( and will be making several trips to Russia and Moldova to minister to graduates as well as young ladies who have been rescued from human trafficking. You will get to read about my travels as well as the wonderful things Hope Chest is doing, and how you can get involved.
  3. Along with finishing up the Crazy Talk series of books on diet, weight loss and the crazy things that happen in our minds, I'll be writing a daily devotional book for young ladies.
Whew! My daughter starts homeschooling htis year, so that is quite exciting around this house. She is 10 and entering the 5th grade! Life is rolling, God is providing: that means I'd better get to living! I cannot wait to share Bible studies and thoughts with each of you!


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