Thursday, August 16, 2012

What we all need to hear....

    The other night I finally made some time to sit down with my daughter and watch The Help. Although they did a fantastic job, the book is so worth the read! The part that touched every soul was the 3 simply stated facts from a nanny to her charge:
  1. You is kind.
  2. You is smart.
  3. You is important.
    Now, in the movie you only hear it twice, but in the book it is repeated often. It made me pause for a moment and think of those things that we all need to hear. Even those who put a fresh coat of paint on the broken exterior need to hear affirmations. Some of us were lucky enough to grow up in a loving home, whereas others have never truly felt loved. One thing we all have in common is the thread of wanting to be loved and needed.

    You are beautiful.
Life moves quickly whether we are on the carousel or not. Outward beauty changes with the times and fads come and go with the decades. There is one thing that never changes: when God looks upon His daughter's, He sees beauty amidst the chaos that surrounds her.

    You are useful.
Now, on the surface of this sentence it may seem a bit bland, but how often do you wonder if people even care if you wake up in the morning? Many of us can struggle with these thoughts, but You are useful! There are things that you have to offer that are unique to you alone. You have gifts and talents that others can benefit from in life. Often we simply have to dig deeper into our souls to find these gifts. Even when you think there are plenty of people who can do what you do (and possibly do it better), remind yourself that as long as God places air in your lungs your gifts are useful.

   You are purposed.
Where you are is no mistake. You have a purpose to fulfill. God does not look at the SIZE of the purpose, He looks at the heart of the purposeful. God doesn't just use those who seem to have it all together, He uses those whose hearts beat for His glory. You may never see the fruits of your labor while on this Earth, but the bountifulness of your work to the glory of God's name will carry into eternity.

   You are worthy.
You are worth so very much to your Heavenly Father. You are worth far more than words from a slippery tongue. You are worth more than accolades from Earthly realms. You are worth more than what somebody would pay for you. You, my friend, are worth the life of His one and only Son. You are worth the life of a King of kings and Lords of lords. You are worth the very last breath of Jesus and His love for you is so strong that even the grave could not contain Him. You are worthy.

The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are the children of God, and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ. Romans 8:16-17

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