Monday, February 4, 2013

And in THIS Corner

Hello virtual friends!

Life is getting back to my version of normal since I flew home from a great mission trip to Moldova. I have notes here that are going to shape up into some really awesome posts for ya'll. And hey, maybe by the time I'm done with you you'll be able to point Moldova out on a map :)

Since my return my mind has been in complete over drive. For those who do not know, this was my very first mission trip. Boy did I pick a great one! As I prepared for the trip AND as I debriefed afterward, there was a common thought that kept invading my mind.
"You have a specific reach in your corner of the world."
This phrase has actually made it into several sermons from both of my pastors. the general idea is that we are ALL given a certain reach through the individuals we encounter on a daily basis. My reach is probably different from your reach. It doesn't matter how deep or wide we feel our reach is, God is the one that goes the distance. You see, it's up to us to make the connections and take that first step. The way may seem long and tiresome, but if we commit to do our part God will do the rest. We don't have to be eloquent with words or the most dynamic personality...we must simply be willing.
So, what does your corner of the world look like? Is it full of hurting co-workers that need a smile? Are there children looking to you for guidance? Does your corner contain souls that long to belong? Perhaps your corner is widening as mine is. Maybe your corner contains people from all over the world. Whatever your corner may look like, the most important step you can take today is to look within the corners of your heart. Do you hold a willingness in the depths of your heart? Are you willing to sacrifice what is necessary for the will of God to be done? Would you be willing to give up what is "comfortable" to build your character suitable to your calling?
As you slip through your day today I encourage you to take a look at the inner corners of your heart. As you gaze into these corners, ask that you may be shown those things you are holding too tightly to so you may let them go. As you are able to let go of the clutter in each corner, you will see your inner vision widen so you can take in the fullness of your corner of the world. Just a heads up: it's bigger than you think ;) Only you can reach these souls, so let go of what is not serving and allow your gaze to widen until it comes to rest fully on the face of the Father.

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