Monday, February 25, 2013

The BIG Easy

"Why can't life just be easy?"
I have uttered this question many times and heard it escape the lips of even the most devout Bible study girl. Why is it that life seems so difficult at certain times? Why was life not built with an escape hatch of sorts? Why don't we have an easy button?
If I were to give you the Biblical answer, I would state this: You DO have an easy's called the Bible. The problem I have with giving that answer is that I fall into the category of people who shamelessly worry first and seek God's Word second...or last. It's a terrible habit formed from years of practice. Instead of throwing on God's armor, I tend to run to my closet for my favorite shoes. If they are unavailable I tend to think I should buy more. You know, a girl can conquer anything with the right pair of shoes right?
If I am well aware that self sufficiency will get me nowhere, WHY OH WHY do I continue to rely on me? This takes me back to a time in my teens when I was distraught because I did not have a steady boyfriend. Don't snicker, this is a serious matter to a 17 year old! I mean, if nobody wanted to commit then, how on earth would I not end up and old maid?!?!? Ahem, composer.... Around this time we had also found out that my mom had cancer. I would ready my Bible daily and pray over her. One day as we were driving through town I lamented to my mom about my current lack of true love. My mom said something to me that rocked my world at the time: "Why is it that you find no trouble putting my life in God's hands, but you think He is ill-equipped to handle your love life?" That mom and her always bit my butt.
Why couldn't I give everything up to God? I mean, after all, He is in control. Any thoughts of control we may have over a situation are ill-conceived at best. I'm not even in control of waking up in the morning or digesting my food! I live on the faith that what I put in my mouth will go down the hatch undisturbed and nourish my body with everything it needs. So, why do I fool myself into thinking I have control over anything? The real EASY button is HIM. My faith, in Him = BOOM! Success!
The funny thing is that I have actually witnessed this time and time again when God had me in a situation where all I could do is give up my self-perceived control and throw Him the problem. I have realized over and over again that He is much better at life than I am. For that reason the smart thing to do is simply give Him the reigns daily. If I weren't so stubborn I probably would. Time after time, I jerk control of the reigns and He is patient to give me just enough slack. Does He want to see me fail? No. Does it bring Him joy when I fall on my face? Absolutely not. He is true and sure to scoop me up, wipe the mud off of me and set my feet back on solid ground time and time again.
Is it easy giving Him control? No. Sometimes His ways make no sense. I gave up my self-perceived control of my mothers health and she died. I gave up my self perceived control over money and we became broke. I gave up my self perceived control over my baby and she was taken before she took her first breath. Did I understand? No. Did I deal? Not like a mature adult. What I learned later was this: I prayed for healing over my mother.....She is now no longer in pain and she can hurt no more. If that isn't healing I don't know what is. I prayed for our finances to grow. In stripping us of our material wants God showed me that everything He has blessed us with is His. We learned to handle money in a Godly way. I prayed for another child and God allowed to the dream to come to fruition, then fall. He has replaced that dream with the dream of helping far more than one child and gifted me the talent and resources to help many.
I may not always understand His ways, for they are far beyond me. I do know that even when it doesn't seem easy, His ways are better and they bring about more joy and peace than I could ever conjure on my own.
Question of the day: What are you unwilling to give up control over? What steps can you take towards allowing God to lighten your load?

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